To what place the hare runs in the wood?

1 . To what place the hare runs in the wood? (to the middle since further he runs from the wood)
2 . What shortest month in a year? (May – 3 letters)
3 . How many eggs it is possible to eat on an empty stomach? (one)
4 . What key doesn't beat and doesn't unlock Игры для девочек? (violin)
5 . What chain can't be lifted? (mountain)
6 . When it is easiest for black cat to make the way to the house? (when the door is open)
7 . For what in a mouth language? (behind teeth)
8 . What it is possible to see blindly? (dream)
9 . Under what tree the hare sits during a rain? (under wet)
10 . How many time needs to be taken "And" to receive a bird? (sorok-A)
11 . Than terminates day and night? (soft sign)
12 . How to write "a dry grass" four letters? ("hay")
13 . What at a heron in front, and at a hare behind? (letter "Ts")
14 . What stones in the sea? (wet)
15 . The grandma on a market bore hundred eggs in a basket, and the bottom fell. How many eggs remained? (any: after all the bottom fell)
16 . What will be with a crow when to her the seventh year passes? (the eighth will go)
17 . When the car turns on the left, what wheel doesn't turn? (reserve)
18  .  For what water in a glass?  (behind glass)
19 . On what birds fly? (by air)
20 . From what the goose floats? (from the coast)
21 . On what the dog runs? (on the ground)
22 . On what the duck floats? (on water)
23 . For what we eat? (at a table)
24 . Who sings pads? (grasshopper)
25 . Who sleeps headfirst? (bats)
26 . Who a minute of danger leaves a tail? (lizard)
27 . How all fauna is called? (fauna)
28 . How all flora is called? Flora)
29 . Who the best singer in a grove? (nightingale)
30 . From what cloth you won't sew a shirt? (from railway)
31 . What throw in a pan before cook in it soup? (look)
32 . The cancer living from all separately? (eremite)
33  .  About what animal it is possible to tell, what it got out of skin?  (about a snake)
34  .  Than the octopus is protected?  (ink liquid)
35 . How pirates are called? (pirates)